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About Us:

Why Red Oval?

We appreciate your interest in Red Oval Floor Care. Our company is an IICRC certified firm, which Shaw and Mohawk require for the care of their carpet products. We also are certified to provide maintenance for Lee’s carpet. The bulk of our business are corporate headquarter buildings and commercial facilities located within the Kansas City metro area. We believe we can help protect your carpet investment and improve the overall quality of your working environment.


The following is a brief description of what would be included in a yearly carpet maintenance program for your facility. When possible, we obtain the square footage measurements from Auto-CAD drawings of your buildings. This allows us to come up with accurate areas of carpet that will be cleaned throughout the year. Our maintenance programs are very flexible and can be changed at anytime to best meet your needs. We usually clean main traffic areas monthly, secondary corridors quarterly and all office-cubical areas annually. All spot treatments are included in our programs.


Our cleaning techniques vary, depending on what kind of condition the carpet is in. If a carpet has been neglected for some time, the cleaning process would consist of a restorative chemical being scrubbed into the carpet, and then flushed out with hot water extraction. We then use a low moisture treatment for general up keep and maintenance. This two-step procedure insures your building’s carpet looks as good as possible between service visits.


Our primary cleaning process is based upon a low-moisture “Encapsulation” cleaning technology; it is a revolutionary alternative to disruptive, inefficient restorative cleaning systems and damaging, costly interim methods. The low-moisture agitation and crystallization process traps embedded soils in clear polymer crystals that are removed along with the soil during the next vacuuming cycle.


In addition, our system has the added benefits of quicker drying time, improved indoor air quality, and mill-recommended pile lifting for enhanced appearance. Restorative hot-water extraction is reduced to an infrequent backup technique, carpet life is significantly lengthened, and overall costs are among the lowest available.


Certified Floor Inspections

and Expert Witness

Residential and commercial inspections are required when there are misunderstandings or complaints about product performance. These inspections may be requested by anyone who is in the “value chain” from the manufacturer, retailer, consumer or insurer.  Questions about performance generally fall into one of the several categories:

  • Manufacturing related

  • Specifications related

  • Installation related

  • Maintenance related  or

  • Simple misperceptions about product characteristics


We are experienced in the inspections and failure analysis of woven carpet and rugs, carpet tile, broadloom carpet, resilient tile, rubber tile, cork tile, ceramic tile, resilient sheet vinyl, vinyl composition tile, hardwood, laminate, solid vinyl and specialty flooring materials. We also perform moisture testing of concrete slabs.


Certified inspectors are able to perform unbiased inspections because we do not sell, manufacture or install; however we do have extensive backgrounds in dealing with flooring products before, during and after installation. Our work experience, combined with attendance  at highly specialized training courses – including extensive written examinations – qualifies  us to provide expert analysis and opinions on many flooring related issues.


We are certified by the IICRC, (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration), FCITS  (Flooring Consultants  and Inspection Training Services)  and members of the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association), NICFI  (National Institute of Certified Flooring Inspectors) and ICRI,  International Concrete Repair Institute.


John Wake
Flooring Inspector/ Owner
Red Oval Floor Care Inc.  


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